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Matrix-Q Solutions

[ ONLINE JOB ] CFO Finances and Economic Growth Management

Gepubliceerd: 16 dagen geleden

Join an ecosystem of circular economy innovators, entrepreneurs, and consultants.

  • Remote working, international and multidisciplinary team
  • Join to Strengthen our Multidisciplinary Team
  • Join from your location or at our HQ in the Netherlands
  • Work online, from home or on the go
  • After training in our innovation and consultancy methodology receive wages + shares + royalties + additional benefits
  • Complete in-house training program with certification (free of charge)
  • Circular Economy & Circular Innovation Akademia
  • Join a multidisciplinary ecosystem, of circular entrepreneurs and innovators


You are in charge of a company's financial operations.

You will utilize circular economy model and principles for management as well as the Matrix-Q 9 enablers of circular economy tool

You will foster and manage impact with investment, strategy and operations management.

You utilize your professional experience, background knowledge, ability to spot trapped value and to innovate, in combination with the Matrix-Q Methodology for resources management and growth.

You will utilize the Matrix-Q Human Valuation method, and data-driven tools for the quantification of value, as well as methods for optimization of the management of the investment in human capital, innovation, social impact, circularity

You will foster and develop strategy for the creation of a circular innovation fund, for impact investment

You will offer presentations, provide training, analyze data, study the organization divisions and spot optimization opportunities for the management of our investment, financial growth, and acceleration of the increase of our ecosystem value

You will also produce new content for capacity building and collaborate hand-to-hand with Matrix-Q A.I. Innovation Coach


  • Internal and external financial reporting, stewardship of a company's assets, and ownership of cash management.
  • Incorporate strategy and business partnership, considering circularity compliance in our value chain.
  • Funding acquisition, relationship with VC and angel investors, with focus on impact investment
  • Crowdfunding campaigns management
  • R&D Innovation budgeting, funding acquisition and financial strategy
  • Financial planning, management of financial risks
  • Record-keeping, book keeping
  • Coordination with taxes advisors and accountants, international taxes and compliance
  • Impact investment management
  • Ecosystem international growth
  • Innovation, circularity principles applied to financial management, creation of new financial products and circular management of wealth
  • Ecosystem valuation, ecosystem road map, deployment strategy, and financial management


You are living in the Netherlands.

LANGUAGES: Dutch, English (Our business language), any other language is a plus. We are a multicultural, multinational ecosystem


If you have experience already as circular economy, sustainable development, innovation start ups, or social entrepreneurship companies. Consider yourself working for a B-Corp certified company. Or you would like to start a new stage of your carrier contributing with a company with serious engagement in social impact and a R&D Innovation and impact-investment business culture

If you have never worked in sustainability, nor circular economy, but you are interested to become a circularity expert, in the field of wealth, growth management and impact investment, you are welcome to apply. We will provide a special training program for you to do the step.


We believe that multidisciplinary teams will be more successful for innovation and entrepreneurship.


Project Based

According to project outcome, it may also include on addition royalties (passive income), convertible bonds(shares-equity), part-time or full-time wages, and bonus or commissions


1. Write an introduction letter stating your interest in our company, goals and plans next 5-10 years ( we will not answer this letter, we will review it with you at your first interview)

2. Schedule yourself a first interview  of15 min

3. Introduce yourself via Whatsapp to nr.  +31.626673380  (For the zoom interview, we will share with you the zoom URL via Whatsapp)

4. Additional information, Q&A will follow up at the second interview. 


We are a circular R&D innovation ecosystem (hub) of creative-mindsets leading the transition to a human-inclusive circular economy


Foster creative-mindsets for human-inclusive circular-innovation that enable the systemic achievement of local and global sustainability agendas


Create a global innovation hub dedicated to cultivate and strengthen responsible creative-mindsets for circular consumption & production


We want to help 729K creative-mindsets to effectively enable circular innovation and the acceleration of the systemic transition to a CIRCULAR ECONOMY, supporting local governments achieve their circularity goals, aiming to reach

-Circular SDGs in 2030

-100% circularity by 2050s

Our Akademia aims to create 100.000 new job positions for 2030

Our Values

  • Creative-MindSet
  • Adventure
  • Smart disruption
  • Working happily remotely
  • Human inclusive technology
  • Tech for good
  • Inclusivity
  • Well-being obsession
  • Diversity
  • Multidisciplinary
  • Systemic impact
  • Data-driven
  • Leadership & entrepreneurship
  • Long life learning by playing
  • Adaptation & resilience
  • Human potential unleashed
  • Circular Thinking
  • SDG2030 Advocate
  • Climate Action
  • Nature Inspired
  • Positive Impact /FootPrint Reduction
  • Innovation-Driven
  • Trapped-Value Released


[SaaS] A digital platform for capacity building and innovation assisted by A.I. Engine (e-Learning)

[SaaS] Multidisciplinary Data-Driven Smart e-Tools for Circular Innovation (Smart Applications)

[SaaS] Next generation e-Games & e-Simulations for serious playing on the job (e-learning by e-playing)

[KaaS] Knowledge as a Service. A library of content designed to optimize and uplevel human competencies, knowledge and technical skills

[PaaS] Product as a Service R&D Circular Innovation [ Nano-Technology ] to solve water scarcity, waste management (plastics) and creation of new materials (construction). In Progress, forecasted deployment 2023.