6 apr. 2022, 12:48

Tips for fun and sustainable company outings

Tips for fun and sustainable company outings

In this blog Greenjobs.nl tells more about sustainable company outings, because to be a successful company or team you also need relaxation. Greenjobs.nl has listed a number of ideas for you. This way you have a nice day with your team while you are working sustainably! Two birds with one stone.

Tips for sustainable company outings

🌿Plastic Whale Foundation, go plastic fishing and clean the canals of Amsterdam!

The Plastic Whale Foundation fights for plastic-free water and land. Normally they work together with children, but adults are certainly not excluded, to solve the problem of the plastic soup. They do this by organizing educationally fun cleanups. Plastic fishing in Amsterdam would therefore be a fun company outing! Sailing through the canals of Amsterdam and at the same time fishing the dirt out of the water. This way you are sustainable and you have a pleasant day with your team!

🌿 Climb in a Climbing Forest Fun Forest

At Fun Forest you overcome fears, learn your strengths and build your team. Perfect for a company outing! Enjoy a day of climbing and clambering in the trees, that's possible at Fun Forest. Thanks to your visit, Fun Forest can offer young people a place to work for people who find it difficult to find work. They are a Social Enterprise with a vision for a more inclusive society. This is how you make an impact with your company!

🌿Do an E-Scooter Tour

Take the company on a tour with an E-scooter. With this environmentally friendly E-scooter on batteries you can't be missed on the road. Under supervision you make a beautiful tour along various highlights in the region where you are located. The route is set out by the rental company, so you only have to get on the E-scooter and enjoy your day. A day of cycling with your colleagues and also being sustainable!

🌿Plastic Soup Foundation, join us on plastic hunts

To get away from the office life, a Trash Hunt is a good idea for companies. Just being outside together, or maybe a race to see who collects the most waste. During a Trash Hunt you clean up and record the waste you have found using the Litterati app. With the information that the Plastic Soup Foundation receives via the app, they map out the waste and can hold polluters accountable for their responsibilities. At the Plastic Soup Foundation you can also see what your CO2 footprint is and what you can change about it. On Greenjobs.nl we also have a blog about how you can lower your carbon footprint as a company!

🌿Follow a sustainable cooking workshop

The theme of sustainability can be used in various aspects. Also with cooking of course. The Vitality Factory cooking workshops are different from other cooking workshops. They think about how do you cook more sustainably? What can you make with leftovers in the fridge? In this workshop you will learn to use your creativity in the kitchen! In short, it will be an instructive, pleasant and impactful workshop.

🌿Organize a Clean-Up

There is nothing easier than organizing a clean-up with your team. All you need are garbage bags! Dirt grippers and gloves are recommended, according to our experience! You can find many more tips on the Nederland Schoon website and you can also organize your own cleaning campaign. After a clean-up Greenjobs.nl always has lunch at a sustainable hotspot and it always makes for a super fun, cozy and sustainable team outing!

After the corona period it is important to do activities with your employees or company again. Have you already planned a company outing? Greenjobs.nl hopes that these sustainable company outings will help you find the right company outing for your company!

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