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All personal data that you share with us via this website and/or via e-mail, will be processed and used in the most safe, secure an thoughtful way. By providing us your personal information, you give Greenjobs the approval to use the data for our Services. The provided information will be used for effective communication between us only. Your data will only be shared with third parties as long as it is conducive for our mediation between you as a candidate and a potential employer.

GDPR collects the personal information provided by you as a controller, within the scope of the GDPR, and uses this to process your application so that you can be linked to one or more vacancies. We keep your data in our database until four weeks after the end of the application procedure. Only if you give us permission to do so - by applying for a job through our website - we will keep your data up to 12 months after the termination of your application procedure. You can request at any time to delete your data or withdraw your consent.

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