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Want to read more about sustainability? Check out this sustainable book list!

Want to read more about sustainability? Check out this sustainable book list!

Want to know more about Sustainability? With these books on sustainability you will be well on your way!

Annemiek Nusmeijer

When I work from home I sit in my tiny, but cosy, home office. Surrounded by countless number of books behind me in the bookcases behind me. Many books are about my study International Relations, about management, some novels and a lot of cookbooks. But there is also a lot of space on the bookshelves about sustainability. In this book I share my top list of books about sustainability that helped me to get a better understanding of sustainability, the importance of sustainability, a sustainable lifestyle, running a sustainable business, sustainable economics and others. In this blog I will share my favorites in a few different sustainable categories.

Books about Sustainability in general:

- How Are We Going to Explain This, Jelmer Mommers

- Cradle to Cradle, Re-making the way we make things, Michael Braungart, William McDonough

- The Canary in the Coal Mine, Marianne Thieme, Ewald Engelen

- Embedded Sustainability, Chris Laszlo and Nadya Zhexembayeva

- The Global Environment and World Politics, Elizabeth R. DeSombre

- Drawdown, The 100 most substantive solutions to reverse global warming, Paul Hawken

- Doughnut Economics - Kate Raworth

- Net Positive - former Unilever CEO Paul Polman.

    Books about Sustainable Business

    - Let my people go surfing, Yvon Chouinard

    - Social Enterprise Unraveled, Willemijn Verloop, Mark Hillen, Kaat Peeters

    - The responsible company, Yvon Chouinard, Vincent Stanley

    - The Trillion Dollar Shift, Marga Hoek

    - Better Business: How the B Corp Movement is Remaking Capatalism, Christopher Marquis

    Books about a Sustainable Economy

    - Good is the New Cool, Afdhel Aziz, Bobby Jones

    - Thrive, Fundamentals for a New Economy, Kees Klomp, Shinta Oosterwaal

    Books about Sustainable Living

    - The Hidden Impact - Babette Porcelijn

    - Fork Ranger - Soliving Climate Change with Food, Frank Holleman

    Sustainable Books on YouBeDo

    Want to read more about sustainability? On YouBeDo you can find a lot of books about sustainability and a part of the turnover goes to a non-profit of your choice!.

    If you have any other sustainable book tips that are missing on this list, we'd love to hear the suggestion so we can add it on this list. E-mail your sustainable book tip to info@greenjobs.nl and we will add it.

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