Why Greenjobs.nl is a B Corp is (and what a B Corp is)

16 feb. 2022 @ 16:21

Why Greenjobs.nl is a B Corp is (and what a B Corp is)

When the organization you work for certifies and becomes a B Corp, you become part of a global movement of more than 5.400 companies – including Patagonia, Naif skincare, Triodos Bank, Fairphone, Tony's Chocolonely, Auping, The Sustainable Recruiter and many more – who use their company to make the United Nations SDGs concrete. Companies that use 'using Business as a Force for Good' in their services. With your company you contribute to a more sustainable, liveable and more inclusive planet. The B Corp movement originated in America in 2006 and is now a global movement active in 77 countries and growing! The 'B' stands for 'Benefit for All' and that is exactly what we at Greenjobs.nl believe in and stand behind 100%. Greenjobs.nl has been part of the B Corp community since the end of 2019. 

Why was it important for Greenjobs.nl to join the B Corp movement?

Many companies are already committed to a more sustainable planet and that is of course very good! Unfortunately, there are also parties that appear to be more sustainable than they are through greenwashing. This is excluded with a B Corp certification. But not only to see that Greenjobs.nl is not a greenwasher and would like to show that, but also to be an example for other companies that doing good for the planet can go very well with doing business. Greenjobs.nl customers therefore know that our intentions are sincere and that they have come to the right place at Greenjobs.nl for their sustainable vacancies, without hidden agendas. To become a B Corp as an organization, your organization must undergo a very extensive assessment (BIA, Business Impact Assessment) and your organization is screened on five themes: 

  • Governance 
  • Customers 
  • Staff members 
  • Environment 
  • Community 

For example, every B Corp is fully screened every three years, Greenjobs.nl too. Based on this assessment, you will receive an overall score that will be made public. This way everyone knows how well you are really doing and where you can improve. Only companies that score more than 80 points (out of 200) are officially certified. Every three years, like every B Corp, we go through this process again to maintain our certificate. To give context, Patagonia, the "mothership" of the B Corp movement, has 151.5 points, while Tony's Chocolonely is at 100.9 and WeTransfer is at 80.4. Greenjobs.nl has been B Corp certified since November 2019, which encourages us even more to make a sustainable impact and to achieve a better score with the recertification in November 2022! 

How can a company become a B Corp? 

To obtain the B Corp certificate, several elements are considered: verified performance, legal liability and public transparency. Verified performance is measured by passing an assessment where a minimum score of 80 points must be achieved. It examines a company's governance, employees, community, customers and the environment. This assessment is repeated every three years to stimulate and measure improvements. Greenjobs.nl is currently at 81.4 points, a good score with room for improvement as the maximum score is 220. Check out our points!

Want to be part of the B Corp Community? 

If you also want to join the B Corp Community with your company and thereby contribute to a better world, you can look for more information on the B Corporation website. Here you can find everything about becoming and being a B Corp. In addition, you can contact GRRR, The Change Collective, Nexio Projects, The Terrace, Rainbow Collection, Climate Neutral Group and BR-ND People for help with the B Corp certification. These are consultancies that are affiliated with the B Corp Way and can help you go through the assessment. Tip to take a look at the assessment anyway, it's free and you can learn a lot from it for your organization! 

Find jobs at B Corps on Greenjobs.nl! 

Did you know that Greenjobs.nl is the first job board in the Netherlands with a separate search category for vacancies from B Corps! So if you would like to work for one of the many B Corps that are active in the Netherlands, keep an eye on the site for all vacancies at B Corps. You can find all jobs at B Corps such as Too Good To Go, Enie.nl, The Terrace, Yumeko, DEPT, Nexio, Seepje and others on Greenjobs.nl!

Greenjobs.nl offers a 15% discount on all job packages for all B Corps! Together we work on making the planet more sustainable. 

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