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HELP! What (not) to do in a tight labour market?

HELP! What (not) to do in a tight labour market?

Now that we are dealing with an unprecedentedly tight labour market, you can ask yourself what the role of posting your sustainable vacancies is still useful. You can't find anyone is what your thinking, because we have an overheated tight labour market. At Greenjobs.nl, we believe that there are plenty of reasons to continue with your recruitment campaigns. In this blog Greenjobs.nl explains the benefit of continuing to recruit actively when there is a tight labour market and we give tips on what you can still do for your vacancy to bring it more attention. Read on to find out what (not) to do when the labour market is tight.

Why does it pay to post your sustainable vacancy after all?

There are always people who want to keep making the switch, even when the labour market is tight. In addition, sustainable jobs are gaining in popularity compared to non-sustainable jobs, so it certainly pays to keep posting your sustainable vacancies. In the times of the corona pandemic, people were less eager to continue a switch and people often thought 'I'll look at the situation' and were less willing to make a switch. Now that corona seems to be on its way back, people are more willing to make a switch again and search for a new job.

It helps build your employer brand in the long run. In the short term, you naturally want to fill your vacancy as quickly as possible, but posting vacancies is also very useful in the long term. After all, people stay in touch with your company because they see your vacancies, it helps with your employer brand. This can be very useful at a later time. So you think about the long term by continuing to post your vacancies, even when there is a tight labour market. If you stop posting and promoting your vacancies, you will disappear from the candidate's memory. If you want to pick it up again after a year or so, you can start building your employer brand all over again.

Tips for your sustainable vacancies

Greenjobs.nl therefore recommends that you always keep posting your vacancies, even if there is a tight labour market. As a sustainable jobboard, Greenjobs.nl sees many vacancies every day that we can analyze for success and are happy to share tips.

What can you pay extra attention to when posting your (sustainable) vacancy? 

🌿 Make sure you have a complete vacancy text. Make the effort to write an extensive vacancy text and make sure you keep the reader's attention in your vacancy text.

🌿 Make sure you post your vacancy on the right online channels. At Greenjobs.nl we have a Premium Social package where your vacancies are posted on all 4 social media channels of Greenjobs.nl (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) and your vacancy gets much more attention! We therefore recommend that you boost your sustainable vacancy.

🌿 Take another look at the requirements package and the profile of the desired candidate. Can some requirements be learned through the provision of training? Suppose you have received an application, but you lack certain experience on the CV, consider whether you can address this by offering the right candidate training or education in order to be successful in the role. This way you can still hire a new team member who already possesses some of the skills and your team can continue to grow. There are several training and education institutes that offer a lot of IT, Technical, Online, Project Management, and many other courses!

Greenjobs.nl has written 2 blogs full of useful tips on how to better draw attention to your vacancy and we give tips for writing a strong vacancy text:

Be proactive when looking for a candidate

Greenjobs.nl knows there's a a tight labour market. Therefore, always be proactive with your vacancy planning and placement. Our advice, keep recruiting!

Good luck with finding the right candidate in this tight labor market! If you have any tips about recruiting in a tight labor market, we'd love to hear them too! Mail them to info@greenjobs.nl and we will add them in this blog.

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