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Greenjobs.nl: About our mission and why we exist

Greenjobs.nl: About our mission and why we exist

www.greenjobs.nl, the jobboard for sustainable vacancies!

Annemiek Nusmeijer

As far as we are concerned, the transition to the new and sustainable economy cannot happen fast enough. Anyone who wants to contribute can therefore use our job bank Greenjobs.nl, Certified B Corp. As a sustainable organization or as a job seeker! From circular scale-ups to established green energy suppliers and fair trade producers.

The mission of Greenjobs.nl

It is the mission of Greenjobs.nl to make all business' and government fully sustainable and to make all jobs sustainable! Greenjobs.nl, a Certified B Corp, is committed to a future in which every person works in a job that positively impacts our future.

Making sustainability the norm

Helping job seekers have a career with real impact instead of a job that pays the bills. Choosing a sustainable position is not yet an option for many Dutch people. Greenjobs.nl wants to change that in order to make sustainability the norm, rather than the exception. Also at work.

Improving visibility

Giving organizations with a sustainable mindset more visibility and help them grow. Vacancy postings on Greenjobs.nl are free or affordable because Greenjobs.nl believes that also companies with little or no budget can post their sustainable jobs. The sustainable vacancies that you will find on our jobboard are from companies with a clear and measurable sustainable or socially responsible mission statement or from companies that want to get started with sustainability! You will also find plenty of sustainable vacancies in the public sector on Greenjobs.nl. In this way Greenjobs.nl contribute to making the entire business community and government more sustainable.

More sustainable jobs

By reaching an ever larger and richer range of sustainable functions on our website and at the same time reaching more socially conscious job seekers, we spread the idea that sustainability is not only about eating less meat or taking a shorter shower. You can also make a huge impact with your choice of job! With Greenjobs.nl we want to make it clear to both organizations and job seekers in that change can and must take place. In this way we jointly create more sustainable jobs and contribute to a sustainable future.

Practice what you preach

The services of Greenjobs.nl are of course online, but our small team is also very much involved in sustainability in 'real' life! For example, almost all our furniture is from the thrift store or from the road, coffee is of course fairtrade, the lunch is vegetarian/vegan, we use recycled paper and we separate our waste. We select our suppliers carefully. First pick is always to see if there is another B Corp that can be our supplier. If not we try to look for other sustainable options, preferably second hand and / or fairtrade. For example if we need anything in print, which we try to limit anyways, we always use We Love Recycled, a local sustainable print company. The laptops and telephones are refurbished from Refurbished.nl, since we prefer not to waste and it works as good as a new laptop or phone.

In addition, we keep the (office) environment clean by organizing a monthly clean-up with the team and collecting litter. If you would like to participate in a clean-up from Greenjobs.nl to prevent litter, that is certainly possible! Send us an email to info@greenjobs.nl and we will gladly tell you what the next date is.

Together we work on making our precious planet more sustainable.

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