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7 Tips on how to bring more attention to your job advert

7 Tips on how to bring more attention to your job advert

'How is that possible? The last time we had a vacancy it was filled so quickly and now we've been looking for months?' If you are involved in recruitment, this is probably recognizable! Unfortunately, we cannot always determine why one vacancy is running better than the other. But sometimes it can help to take another look at the vacancy text. Below Greenjobs.nl has listed 7 tips that may help you quickly find the right candidate.

7 Tips on how to bring more attention to your job advert

👉 1. Is the vacancy text complete?
Does it contain everything a job seeker would like to know? Think of a description of what the organization does and what the mission is, location of the office, where people meet (online/remote).

👉 2. Is the vacancy text appealing to the target group?
An IT person may find other things important, such as which IT programs are used, a marketing employee is interested in other things, so make sure you write your vacancy text for the right target group.

👉 3. Is the job profile clear of who is being sought, what is offered and why it is a great job?
Ask the hiring manager the 'perks' of the job and name them! Make sure that the terms of employment you have mentioned are mentioned in the position. Share the (sustainable) mission of your organization in the vacancy text! Job seekers may not know your organization yet, so share your sustainable mission in the vacancy text so that they can immediately become enthusiastic about what you stand for and what sustainable mission you have.

👉 4. Has everyone in the organization already shared the position in their network?
Using your own network still works well in finding people and sharing a link of the vacancy on LinkedIn and other social media channels is very easy to do and often yields great results. 

👉 5. Has it already been re-posted online?
If it's been a while since it's been online, post it again, it's often at the top again if you re-post your job ad. You can post sustainable vacancies for free on Greenjobs.nl, so this is already free of charge, if you decide to go for a Freemium package.

👉 6. What is the compensation?
Salary, rate or in line with the market? It is always advisable to report something about compensation rather than nothing at all. Many studies have shown that vacancies that report something about compensation and salary have better results than vacancies that have 'market-conform' with the salary.

As you have read in this blog, there are still many ways to quickly find the right candidate for your company. It requires some attention and time, but then you also have a new employee for your sustainable vacancy faster! And of course a tip greenjobs.nl can't forget:

👉 7. Is it a sustainable vacancy?
Then place it quickly on www.greenjobs.nl!

Good luck finding the right candidate! If you have any tips, we'd love to hear them too! Mail this to info@greenjobs.nl.

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