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Ways to compensate CO2 emissions of your company

Ways to compensate CO2 emissions of your company

Are you already preparing your impact report? Then the question will probably arise as to how your organization can compensate for the company's CO2 emissions. We produce CO2 emissions through energy consumption, non-sustainable external partners, waste or by taking the car every time. This can change not only in private, but also at work. That is why Greenjobs.nl has listed a number of organizations that can help your company with reducing and/or compensating for CO2 emissions!

How to compensate CO2 emissions with your company

🌱 Climate partner

Climate Partner collects data and converts it into CO2 equivalents so that you can see how your CO2 footprint is built up and what impact individual components have on it. Subsequently, Climate Partner will draw up a climate protection strategy for your company. This will make it clear what you can do to effectively reduce your company's carbon footprint. Look on the website of Climate Partner for more information on how to reduce your CO2 footprint!

🌱 Trees for All

Through the forest projects of Trees for All you can compensate your CO2 emissions in a sustainable and impactful way. By planting new forests, restoring degraded forests and raising awareness about the importance of trees, Trees for All combats climate change and the loss of biodiversity. As a company you can contribute in different ways. You can choose to become a partner, plant a tree, give trees as gifts or make donations to compensate for air travel, car journeys and/or energy consumption. Did you know that Greenjobs has managed to offset all their CO2 emissions from 2019, 2020 and 2021 through Trees for All? Choose on the website of Trees for All on how you want to contribute with your company and start reducing or compensating your Co2!

🌱 Regreener 

Regreener's mission is to make the world greener. They do this by supporting the best solutions and combating climate change by supporting project that benefit our climate. Regreener collaborates with several sustainable organizations and projects that exist to have a constant impact on nature and communities. On the Regreener website you can choose between a subscription or a one-off contribution, which you can use to reduce your carbon footprint. Look on the website of Regreener for the different possibilities of Regreener!

🌱 The Green Branch

The Green Branch is a project developer of certified reforestation projects to offset your ecological footprint and enable long-term impact. The Green Branch is on a mission to make the earth green again.

By contributing to The Green Branch's projects, you help to transform degraded land into highly biodiverse forests. This neutralizes your company's CO2 emissions through impactful reforestation projects and makes a direct impact not only on land recovery, but also on biodiversity and the local community. Take action now via the website of The Green Branch. Since December 2021, The Green Branch has been part of the B Corp Community, which means that they have a certified B-Corp certificate. Read this blog about why Greenjobs is a B Corp to learn more about B Corps and the B Corp Community.

As a company, ask the question: What can I do for the climate? Of course, solving the entire climate problem cannot be done alone. That is why Greenjos.nl hopes that through this blog we have inspired you to reduce the CO2 footprint of your company and thus make and keep the world a bit greener!

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