29 aug. 2023, 15:34

Greenjobs.nl Stops Sharing Jobs on Twitter: Embracing LinkedIn and Instagram

Greenjobs.nl Stops Sharing Jobs on Twitter: Embracing LinkedIn and Instagram

Greenjobs.nl Stops Sharing Vacancies on Twitter: Embracing LinkedIn and Instagram

In a time where online presence is crucial, Greenjobs.nl has made a strategic shift in their social media strategy. The company has decided to cease posting job vacancies on Twitter and is now focusing on platforms that better align with the target audience and image: LinkedIn and Instagram. This blog post sheds light on the reasons behind this change and explores how recent developments within Twitter have contributed to this course alteration.

Why the Focus is Shifting

In order to stand out in a competitive job market, targeted communication is essential. Greenjobs.nl conducted a thorough evaluation of their social media approach and concluded that platforms like LinkedIn and Instagram are a better fit for the audience, which comprises professionals in the green and sustainable sector.

Professional Connections on LinkedIn

With its emphasis on business networking and professional interactions, LinkedIn provides an ideal environment for sharing job vacancies with actively searching candidates. This platform, known for its serious user base, seamlessly aligns with the professional image that Greenjobs.nl aims to portray. Apart from vacancies, industry news and relationship-building within the sector can also be shared on this platform.

Visual Allure on Instagram

The significance of visual content on social media is indisputable, and Instagram presents an ideal platform to harness this power. By sharing visually appealing content such as images and videos of green projects, workplaces, and employees in action, Greenjobs.nl can reach a broader and younger audience. This visual approach contributes to an engaging presentation of the company and its mission, attracting potential candidates who resonate with sustainable values.

Twitter's Changing Landscape

In addition to aligning the strategy with the target audience, Greenjobs.nl has also taken note of recent developments within Twitter. The introduction of the "Twitter X" algorithm and changes in the type of shared content have led Greenjobs.nl to realize that Twitter might no longer be the optimal platform for their message. These changes could have impacted the reach and relevance of shared job vacancies.


Greenjobs.nl has intentionally decided to discontinue sharing job vacancies on Twitter and is focusing on platforms that better suit their image and target audience. By choosing LinkedIn and Instagram as central channels, the company can generate a greater impact and attract the right professionals for green and sustainable careers. This adaptation underscores the importance of navigating evolving social media landscapes and selecting the right channels to disseminate a specific message.

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