Survey results - Opinions from employers about

17 jan. 2023 @ 11:14

Survey results - Opinions from employers about

Survey results - Opinions about among employers believes it is important to listen to their customers and receive feedback. We have also done this in recent months; through a short survey we asked employers their opinion about! The survey was conducted in the last months of 2022 among employers who had posted a Premium or Premium Social vacancy. will more often ask for opinions and feedback from job seekers and employers and will also share these results transparently with stakeholders, followers, job seekers and employers.

The results of the survey is happy to share the results of this survey. The survey contained a few questions about, posting vacancies and finding the right candidate. The questions could be answered by choosing from 'very difficult' to 'very easy' on a scale of zero to five. The respondents completed the survey completely anonymously, no names and/or company names were noted.

  • +81% of employers think the site is easy to find.
    The survey asked whether the site is easy to find.
  • +95% of employers find it easy to post vacancies on
    The survey asked whether customers found it easy to post vacancies on
  • +61% of employers find suitable candidates faster by posting vacancies on
    The survey asked whether employers/organisations found suitable candidates more quickly via
  • +90% of employers think that their organization gets a more positive image because their vacancies are posted on
    The survey asked whether employers/organization get a more positive image by posting their vacancies on
  • +90% say they would recommend to other organizations with sustainable vacancies.
    The survey asked how likely it is that they would recommend the job board to other organizations that have sustainable vacancies.

Extra services that employers would like to receive from

The survey asked about additional services that could offer. More than 50% of the respondents indicated that they would like to receive more support from when writing the vacancy texts. For now, offers help with writing a vacancy text in this blog: gives 7 tips to write a good job advert. In it you can read a number of useful tips for writing the best possible vacancy text. Perhaps will offer other services in the future.

Opinions that emerged from the survey

There was also space in the survey to leave comments and we share some of the opinions of the employers who completed the survey.

  • 'Nice contact and quick response + action. Very pleasant.'
  • 'You are very proactive and responsive to emails if there are questions regarding the operation of the platform. You have a nice, positive way of writing and responding: keep it up ;).”

Points for improvement that emerged from the survey

The various comments also contained a number of comments about how can improve, which we would also like to share with you. is happy with the feedback, because that way we know how to optimize the website! Below is a summary of the points for improvement on

  • “We would like to see a Hospitality function group.” currently has 17 function groups, making it easy to view vacancies in the sector you are looking for. The Hospitality function group does not yet exist on, but we will certainly include this in the improvements for the website.
  • “We have now advertised a few times and received almost zero responses. We're holding on, but it's a bit disappointing, actually.'
    Unfortunately, sometimes it is not possible to find the right candidate. We are of course very happy with the 62% who have found suitable candidates faster via, but that also means that 38% have not yet succeeded. Unfortunately, the labor market is tight and there are more vacancies than candidates. We hope to eventually be able to link even more employers with the suitable candidate and we make every effort to address a larger group of (latent) job seekers. There are many blogs on with tips for employers that can help you find the right talent for your jobs. is very grateful for all feedback and opinions received. The reactions were very positive and we are proud of this! Thanks to you, we can improve the services of even further.

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