goes beyond green with a new branding and new product!

7 mrt. 2023 @ 13:52 goes beyond green with a new branding and new product! continues to grow into the platform for all jobs that contribute to a better world. Besides that sustainability continues to increase in popularity, believes that all jobs that have a positive impact on people, society, animal, nature and the environment should become the standard. Through a re-branding of the communication channels, they make it clear that not only green but also social, future-proof employers and ambitious, professional job seekers can find each other on

Even more reach and positive employer branding with a new product.

The re-branding of these channels is the most recent step in the growth process of It contributes to the widening of the support to do well for people, animals and nature around us. helps job seekers and employers remind them daily through the website and on social media that the future lies here. is certified B CORP and therefore part of a global community of companies that use their business for a better future. Companies that go beyond business as usual and where people and the planet are put first. The goal of is that all jobs have a positive impact on the world and there are equal opportunities in the labor market for everyone. They celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment. All this comes together in a re-branding of the communication channels of Where previously everything was green, they now fill the channels with the colors of the rainbow 🌈. The fresh colors are reflected in a new design where the vacancies are highlighted even more clearly. The other communication channels will also be further renewed in the coming period.

Social Plus - even more range and positive employer branding with a new product. responds to the current labor market and therefore immediately offers a new product with which employers can reach even more job seekers. In addition to Premium and Premium Social, there is now also Social Plus vacancy package. With Social Plus it is possible to let vacancies boost. When purchasing Social Plus, not only shares the post on the 4 social media channels with +26,000 followers, but the post is also boosted via social media post sponsorship and a SEA upgrade for extra visibility in Google.

Social Plus is very suitable for giving employer branding a boost. By showing vacancies via to a broader or more specific audience, the chance to find the right candidate is increasing. It also offers a solution for vacancies that can use just some extra attention, have to be fulfilled in a short time or address a new and/or difficult -to -reach target group.

Making an impact in the hours you work becomes an important pillar for more and more people in orientating a new job. makes it easy for job seekers to apply for vacancies with a positive impact and attractive for organizations to take the necessary steps towards sustainability or make social impact. The presence of your company and/or vacancies has a positive impact on the Employer Branding. With the current shortage in the labor market, the right employer branding is crucial. Both for attracting new talent and for the satisfaction of your current talents.

With more than 15,000 website visitors, helps job seekers to choose jobs that have a positive impact on our environment. Sustainability and social involvement remain growing themes. also notices that to the now +26,000 followers on the LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram social media channel and the more than 8,100 newsletter subscribers.

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