10 Misconceptions about a career in sustainability

16 feb. 2022 @ 10:22

10 Misconceptions about a career in sustainability

There are quite a few misconceptions about a career in sustainability. Since this discourages people from entering this sector, there are a number of misconceptions that Greenjobs.nl would like to dispel. Greenjobs.nl hopes that this will inspire you to go for that sustainable job!

10 Misconceptions about a career in sustainability

1. 🌱 “Outside of work, I must always be actively involved in sustainability.”

While performing your position, you are fully engaged in the mission of the company where you work. Whatever this mission is, it is related to sustainability. It is not a bad thing to not be actively involved with sustainability outside of work for a while. Use this time to recharge your inner battery so that you can go back to work for the full 100% the next day! Making impact with your work week is something to be proud of!

2. 🌱 “My (future) employer claims that his/her company is sustainable, so it is.”

There are companies that pretend to be sustainable, when in reality they are not at all. This is also known as greenwashing. Since a change in how we treat our planet is necessary, it is important to make sure that you are working for a company that is truly sustainable. Our vacancies are always well checked, so you can say with certainty that your possible new job is sustainable!

3. 🌱 “The energy transition is about one technology or the other.”

All techniques must be used. A choice is often made between heat pumps and heat networks, or between electric cars or biofuels to make transport more sustainable. It is important to use all techniques to combat climate change. Moreover, it helps to make a good contribution to our economy, health and future.

4. 🌱 “There are not many sustainable jobs.”

That there are not many sustainable jobs to be found is definitely a misconception. More than 400 different sustainable jobs can be found per month on www.greenjobs.nl and this number is only increasing. In addition, the number of mission-driven companies is growing, such as Too Good To Go, Swapfiets and Pieter Pot. Moreover, the positions at normal companies are also becoming more sustainable, so they are more likely to look for an environmental or sustainability advisor.

5. 🌱 “Sustainable companies are boring.”

Sustainable companies are often young companies with a clear mission: to make an impact. In addition, sustainable companies are mission-driven companies with an intrinsic motivation for sustainability, such as Dopper, Justdiggit and Regionaal Energieloket.

6. 🌱 “You need green fingers for a career in sustainability.”

There are countless jobs and job groups in the sustainable sector, these can all be found on Greenjobs.nl. It is therefore not true that you need green fingers for a career in sustainability.

7. 🌱 “I don't know anything about sustainability, so I'm not qualified.”

The sustainable sector is a new, growing sector in which employees are needed. For this reason, it is often not a problem if you do not know much, companies are willing to teach you everything.

8. 🌱 “Sustainable jobs pay poorly.”

Since many jobs in sustainability are at start-ups, the assumption has been made that sustainable jobs pay poorly. However, start-ups generally pay less, and this is no different in sustainability. Moreover, sustainable jobs at larger companies pay no worse than jobs at companies that are not concerned with sustainability.

9. 🌱 “You can't make much of an impact with a sustainable job.”

Whatever position you fulfill within a sustainable company, you contribute to the mission and you make an impact. It is therefore not the case that you only make an impact with sustainable functions, if you ensure that everything runs smoothly within a sustainable company, you also make it.

10. 🌱 “There are no sustainable positions in my industry”

Sustainable features can be found in virtually every industry today and this number is only increasing. This is because the sustainable sector is becoming more and more popular and more and more companies are going green, opening up new sustainable functions.

Greenjobs.nl hopes that by dispelling these misconceptions, we have inspired you to jump into the sustainable sector and make an impact together with other sustainable companies! For even more inspiration, read our blog about the 'benefits of a sustainable job'.

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