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Meet the Greenjobs.nl team: working towards the future!

Meet the Greenjobs.nl team: working towards the future!

At Greenjobs.nl, we work as a close-knit team to fulfil our mission of connecting sustainable talent with green career opportunities. We'd like you to get to know us a little better, so here's an introduction to the people behind Greenjobs.nl and a few interesting facts about our free time and sustainable tips we'd like to share with you.

Let us introduce you to Mees, our super-relaxed office dog at Greenjobs.nl, who is also our unofficial security officer at the same time. Mees is a cool Cocker Spaniel with an attitude you instantly fall in love with.

In his spare time, Mees is the king of napping, and he can also romp for hours with his favourite ball. During breaks, he is always up for a walk, which helps our team relax and refresh. Mees is not only a great companion, but he also ensures that the atmosphere at Greenjobs.nl is always top notch. He is the furry hero who protects our office and provides the necessary dose of cheer at the same time!

Hi, I'm Petra, the Content Creator at Greenjobs.nl. I make sure the content planning goes smoothly, so we reach as many jobseekers and sustainable companies as possible, and that this content looks great too.

  • Place of residence: Amsterdam
  •  Leisure: I try to go camping once a month with my camper van or tent to unwind in the middle of the woods. When I am at home, I like to take care of my plants, do urban gardening, cuddle with my cat Odie (if he lets me), and pick up old and new hobbies like painting, candle making or carving. I have a closet full of vintage treasures and also like to look for additions at the thrift store or at markets on weekends, when I am not busy dancing to fast tunes together with my friends.
  • Sports: Yoga, dancing, cycling, kickboxing and hiking. 
  • Passions & Interests: Saving the earth, standing up for a more inclusive world & plants! I am a plant mum of more than 50 houseplants and am currently taking a course on herbs and plants.
  • Sustainable habit: Avoiding food waste by being creative with what you have left in the fridge often leads to the tastiest dishes and snacks!
  • Sustainable tip: Clothes I no longer wear or can sell, I take to the Swapshop in Amsterdam and stuff to the Rataplan thrift store. This way, I can almost be sure that everything stays in circulation and is not thrown away.

My name is Muna Ibrahim and I am 20 years old. I study International Business at the Hogeschool Rotterdam, am currently in my 4th year, and I recently started as a marketing & communication intern here at Greenjobs.nl.

  • Living Place: Vlaardingen
  • Leisure: In my spare time, I enjoy going out for dinner or doing fun activities with my friends. I also attach great value to quality time with my family.
  • Sports: I don't really do any specific sport, but to keep moving I like to go for long walks. I often do that with my sister or friend. I see it equally as a mini-workout.
  • Passions and Interests: For me, that is travelling. It's an interest I share with my niece. We always enjoy enjoying new places, cultures, and food together.
  • Sustainable habits: Even though I have a car, I actually often take public transport. I also cycle or walk quite often. More often than not, I hear around me "why don't you just go by car". I don't think it's really necessary in daily life, only if you can't do otherwise.
  • Sustainable tip: A tip I can give is, try to look for more sustainable substitutes more often when it comes to food. For example, I myself once ate wholygreens pasta instead of normal pasta. Wholygreens pasta is in fact made from vegetables and spelt. It is more sustainable and tastes delicious too. So you can also do this with different dishes.

My name is Enza (29 years old) and I am an Account Manager at Greenjobs.nl. Here I am in contact with sustainable companies in the Netherlands, so there are always lots of vacancies on the website. What I like most about this is that you see more and more jobs where the focus is on making a positive impact!

  • Residence: Haarlem
  • Leisure: Cooking, reading and hanging out with friends
  • Sports: I have Classpass and do fitness, pilates, spinning, boxing and yoga
  • Passions & interests: Sustainability, healthy lifestyle and psychology
  • Sustainable habits: (mostly) vegan food and natural products
  • Sustainable tip: Save food like delicious pastries or appetisers via the Too Good Too Go app! And not forgetting the paraben- and plastic-free soaps and shampoos from Happysoaps!

Hello, I'm Annemiek, proud owner of Greenjobs.nl, which I took over five years ago. My passion is saving the planet, and I am happy to dedicate myself every day to growing the team at Greenjobs.nl.

  • Place of residence: Amsterdam
  • Leisure: When I'm not working you'll often find me somewhere in nature with dog Mees (also office buddy), or I'm out and about with family and/or friends. Free time is scarce for an entrepreneurr, so I try to enjoy it as much as possible. Visiting flea markets and hunting for vintage and second-hand treasures often happens on weekends.
  • Sports: Favo sports are swimming and running. To recover from busy work and the stress of doing business, I do yoga. Although I would like to spend more time on this... Previously, I used to play a lot of hockey and a team sport is now what I still miss a bit.
  • Passions & interests: Yes duh, passion is saving the planet and the climate of course. This is why I am 1000% committed to growing Greenjobs.nl every day. Dream is that Greenjobs.nl is no longer needed and that every job is a job with a positive impact on the climate or society.
  • Sustainable habits: I hardly ever buy new clothes and impulse buys are a thing of the past. For example, if I see a nice coat somewhere, I first check if I can find it on Vinted or Marktplaats. I often don't have time for that at the time so I think 'I'll look it up later'. Later, I either forget about it or think 'I don't really need a new coat at all'. If I do start the online search and I find that one nice coat, at least I have it second-hand and I don't have another coat hanging in the closet that I can wear.
  • Sustainable tip: I would like to share some great sustainable tips for celebrating a birthday! Get your cake from Too Good To Go and that way you avoid food waste and enjoy delicious cake.

Give a different gift, such as an experience. You don't always have to give 'something'. A nice walk with a tasty (veggie) lunch is also a valuable gift. Still want to give something tangible? Then a gift voucher for thrift shops is a nice idea! That way, the birthday boy or girl can still buy something, but it will be second-hand!

I am Moniek, 30 years old and I live in Amsterdam. I work part-time as a project manager at Greenjobs.nl and the rest of the time I work on design projects or my own art projects. That way I can combine two of my passions.

  • Place of residence: Amsterdam
  • Leisure: I get a lot of pleasure from cooking, trying out new vega(n) recipes or vegan baking. I love surprising people with how delicious a vegan cake can be. I highly recommend Maartje Borst's vegan baking book: 'Taart ende Koeck' (cake and cookies).
  • Sports: I love yoga for becoming more inward-looking and aware of my body and breathing, and spinning or running to release all my energy.
  • Passions & interests: My big passions are activism and art. For years, I have been immersing myself in activism and working for an equal world. For instance, I walk along with peaceful demonstrations and paste posters against menstrual poverty to raise awareness. Part of activism is sustainability. That is also why I work at Greenjobs.nl. I really want to contribute to a better world through my work. Art is my other passion, it's my way of expressing myself. I get pleasure out of it and can put a lot into creativity ánd it can be combined with my activism. 
  • Sustainable habits: From an early age it has been instilled in me not to throw anything away from food. I eat it, make something else out of it and/or freeze it. Sometimes I get a vegetable pack from the greengrocer around the corner via Too Good To Go and then I see what I can make of it. It sometimes takes some creativity but I like cooking so it always works out. Also, the heating does not go higher than 18 degrees and garments with holes are made or adjusted but certainly not just thrown away.
  • Sustainable tip: For a while now, I have occasionally borrowed a garment from Lena The Fashion Library. In the last few months, there were a number of weddings and moments when I wanted to wear something special but didn't want to buy a new garment. Perfect for special garments you only want to wear once, or for when you want to wear something different for once but don't want to have more clothes hanging in your closet permanently.

My name is Maarten Dekker and I live in Amsterdam. I am currently in my 3rd year of studying Commercial Economics at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. I have chosen to major in Digital Marketing. At Greenjobs.nl, I am working as an online marketing intern. Besides studying, I have my own company in sustainable straws Bio Sip.

  • Residence: Amsterdam
  • Leisure: In my spare time, I do a lot of sports: gym, padel, hockey and golf.
  • Sports: I prefer to do sports in my spare time. I have been playing hockey since I was 5 years old.
  • Sustainable habits: I drink from a reusable water bottle every day. I am also reducing SUP by promoting my 100% natural straws and use reusable shopping bags to reduce plastic.
  • Sustainable tip: Avoid online purchases and returns. Like ordering clothes in different sizes, which avoids having to return half of them. Companies should charge extra for returns and use My Pup and Cycloon more for more sustainable services.

At Greenjobs.nl, we are passionate about sustainability, both in our work and in our daily lives. We hope this short introduction has given you a better idea of who we are and how we integrate sustainability into our lives. Stay tuned for more green jobs and sustainability tips from our team!

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