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What is Climate Quitting and Conscious Quitting?

What is Climate Quitting and Conscious Quitting?

Climate Quitting: Quit your job because your employer is not doing enough for the climate and the planet

The climate debate has become increasingly prominent in the media and the public in recent years. We hear a lot about the need to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. People's commitment to the climate can take various forms, such as reducing the number of flights you take, eating less meat or refusing plastic packaging. Since a couple of years something new has been added to that list: people quitting their jobs to work for a company that contribute in a positive way to the climate crisis. It’s called 'Climate Quitting'.

In this blog we tell you more about what 'Climate Quitting' and 'Conscious Quitting' are.

What is Climate Quitting?

Climate quitters are people who have a good job but feel that the company they work for is not sustainable enough and therefore resign. They do this because they prefer to work for a company that solves sustainability problems instead of creating them. Employees are even willing to sacrifice a little income for this. Because what they give up on in income is replaced with a goal and a more positive contribution to society. Climate Quitting is an attempt by individuals to do something about the climate crisis themselves. They want to reduce the impact of their lifestyle on the environment while also sending a signal to companies and governments to take more action.

A Climate Quitter is someone who quits his job because he/she feels that his employer is not doing enough for the climate and the planet.

But what about Conscious Quitting?

Conscious quitting is when you consciously stop doing something because it no longer serves you, even if it means giving up a goal or a dream. It's a way to honor your values and priorities. Conscious quitting can be applied to many aspects of life, such as relationships, hobbies, careers, habits and your job. Conscious Quitting is very similar to Climate Quitting. The only difference is that Conscious Quitting is a broader concept. By letting go of what no longer serves you, whether it's a job or a habit, you can embrace what serves you better.

A Conscious Quitter is someone who quits his job because he/she feels that his employer is not doing enough for society and/or the climate.

As an employer, how do you prevent your employees from Climate Quitting?

Be open and honest with your employees about how your company contributes to the climate goals. You can't suddenly do everything right, but as long as you are serious about it and show this to your employers, you are already contributing to the solution. Whether you are at the beginning of making your company more sustainable or are already very far along, at Greenjobs.nl we encourage it all.

A collective approach is needed to solve the problem. Businesses, governments and individuals must work together to tackle climate change. Companies must make their production processes and products more sustainable, governments must enforce laws and regulations that help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and individuals must increase pressure on companies and governments to take action. Ultimately, sustainability is better for the planet, for your company, and for yourself. So why wouldn't you?

How do I know if a company is really committed to sustainability?

Nowadays you have different ways to know if a company is really contributing something good. For example, you have B Corps, companies that meet the highest standards for sustainability, employees, customers, transparency and society. B Corps are working towards a more sustainable, livable and more inclusive planet. You also have companies with a high ESG score (environmental, social & governance). A company receives a score based on how it contributes to and performs in terms of the environment, working conditions and the management of the company.

It’s great there are a number of measures such as the B Corp Certification and the ESG score, but don’t forget to do your own research. There are always companies that pretend to be greener than they are (greenwashing). Read up on a company and always be critical.

How do I find a job for the future?

Are you a climate quitter or conscious quitter and looking for a new job? Regularly check the vacancies on Greenjobs.nl, there you will find all jobs for the future that make a positive contribution to climate or society!

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