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Planting Trees for a good cause and the climate

Planting Trees for a good cause and the climate

CO2 and planting trees for a good cause

You've probably seen it before, the announcement that for every product you buy from a company, they will plant a tree. Why do companies actually do that? One of the reasons that companies do this is because they want to compensate for their CO2 emissions. In addition to CO2 emissions, there are also large-scale deforestations which has far-reaching consequences for the planet. Think of the large amounts of CO2 emissions, infertile soil, uninhabitable habitats, less clean air, the shrinking of biodiversity and the collapse of local and global ecosystems. 

Businesses want to support climate action and planting trees is a simple and effective way to do that. All trees are good for the environment: they absorb CO2, emit oxygen, stimulate biodiversity, prevent soil erosion and much more. Fortunately, there are a lot of companies that plant trees on your or your company's behalf.


Many companies can help you with planting trees

One of the companies that has started planting trees and other climate projects is Ecologi. Ecologi is a B Corporation that fights against the climate crisis. At Ecologi, they use donations to support a wide variety of projects that can demonstrate that they are reducing greenhouse gas emissions. For example, they have projects in Tanzania, Egypt and Argentina. They also have a range of great tree planting partners who are able to responsibly plant millions of trees per month on behalf of the Ecologi community. All this while protecting and respecting the indigenous population and culture.

Trees For Kenya is a Kenyan non-governmental organization that plants and manages trees. The organization works with vulnerable communities and local schools to identify and restore degraded forests. Trees For Kenya only plants native trees, so trees that also occur naturally in the area. These trees have a positive effect on the animals, plants, soil and overall biodiversity in the area. Roel is the founder and has lived in Kenya for a year and knows the community personally. As a result, the collaboration arose from mutual trust and the shared mission to help restore nature.

You might not expect it, but you can also contribute to climate action by using the right search engine. Ecosia is a search engine that plants trees with the profit they make from your searches. So you can also make a difference by adjusting your search engine from, for example, Google to Ecosia. Another advantage of Ecosia is that they don't sell your data to advertisers and they don't have any third-party trackers, unlike most other search engines.

To see even more examples, visit the websites of Treedom, Ecotree (B Corp) and The Green Branch (B Corp too!)

Reliability when looking for a partner for the planting of trees for a good cause

Greenjobs.nl has chosen to become a Business Supporter of the World Wildlife Fund, and through that path we started planting trees. WWF is a leading independent nature conservation organization and has grown into a global network of nature conservationists, local people, governments, industry, donors and volunteers. As a Business Supporter, we use our influence to be part of the solution. To thrive as a business in the long run, we need to be self-aware and give back more to people and the planet than we take in.

If you want to start tree planting make sure you find a company that really lives up to its claims about sustainability and tree planting and that the indigenous people are respected. When it comes to planting trees in the name of climate action, there are some things to keep in mind. A company that has trees planted for every sale is not necessarily sustainable and not all companies that plant trees are reliable. So:

  • See if the companies that plant trees for every product they sell aren't greenwashing. If a company plants a tree for every product sold, it does not immediately mean that it is a sustainable company. Every company can choose to have trees planted. Also Shell or H&M.
  • See if the company that plants the trees lives up to their claims by looking at how transparent they are on their website. Do they tell you how they live up to their claims? Do they share anything about how they consider the Indigenous people? Look at the companies they work with and whether they are also sustainable. An additional confirmation of trust can be that the company is a B Corp, but even if it is not a B Corp it can be reliable.

WWF, they plant trees for the Atlantic Rainforest

The Atlantic rainforest is one of the most endangered areas in the world. The unique Atlantic Rainforest stretches across Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay and runs right through famous cities such as Rio de Janeiro & Sao Paulo. The area was once 1.3 million km2 in size, but 83% has now disappeared. Unfortunately, due to (illegal) logging, the rainforest has been shredded into small pieces of forest. Hardly anywhere else in the world are more species threatened with extinction than there. The rainforest is also indispensable for people: more than 30% of the people in South America depend on water from the Atlantic Rainforest.

What does the WWF do:

- The WWF is engaged in forest restoration. Where possible, natural restoration, and otherwise planting different types of native trees. Restored forest is registered with the government, after which it is legally protected.

-Through strategic land acquisition, they try to restore remaining areas. In this way they also prevent farmers from buying up the land to use as an agricultural area.

- Together with the local population, they work closely together to make them aware of the importance of healthy nature and also to hear their ideas about it. They also try to prevent illegal hunting and logging.

In order to continue to take the above steps, the WWF needs support from business supporters, among others. Do you want to see what the WWF has already achieved? Then read this about WWF Projects.

Tangible Contribution - Greenjobs.nl chooses to give trees over products

Greenjobs.nl has chosen not to give physical presents to clients, but we have chosen to give a planted tree as a promotional gift. We do this because we think it is better than a physical gift that we are not sure whether the recipient is waiting for. By planting trees, we as a company make a tangible contribution to the world of tomorrow, and that makes it an even better gift.

You don't have to be a company to contribute to the WWF. You can also buy a Bunch of Trees yourself. This means that as a gift for someone you let the WWF restore a piece of forest in the Atlantic Rainforest. The recipient receives a nice card and a video as a thank you and as a souvenir.

So whether you're an individual, a family or a company, everyone can play a role in protecting our planet. You can give a tree as a sustainable wedding gift, sustainable birth gift, sustainable birthday gift, etc. It is suitable for everything there is to celebrate, and you save the planet a bit with it.

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