18 jan. 2024, 09:45

Impact Report Greenjobs.nl 2023!

Impact Report Greenjobs.nl 2023!

Impact Report Greenjobs.nl 2023

Greenjobs.nl is proud and thrilled to present the Impact Report of the past year! Looking back at 2023, a transformative year for us, we are delighted to introduce the Greenjobs.nl 2023 Impact Report. With this report, we aim to highlight the journey of the past year in creating sustainable impact through Greenjobs.nl (B Corp).

Despite the challenges faced last year, our B Corp recertification underscores my commitment to ethical practices. An absolute highlight in 2023 was the collaborative production of the board game 'Let's play equal' with B Corps Misteli Creative Agency, BR-ND People, and BLYDE BENELUX!

Looking ahead, we eagerly anticipate more job placements and engaging with job seekers in 2024. The journey is demanding, but it emphasizes our dedication to impactful career opportunities.

The road ahead is long, and we invite you to join us in confronting the challenges of climate change and social issues. Consider a purpose-driven career in 2024?

Thanks to everyone for supporting our mission towards a sustainable future through meaningful work.

Greenjobs.nl - Jobboard full of impact

With Greenjobs.nl, we aim to be the premier job board for sustainable and impactful positions. Greenjobs.nl takes responsibility for the impact our actions and work have on the environment. Furthermore, Greenjobs.nl strives to have a positive influence on the communities and societies we serve.

Greenjobs.nl 2023 Impact Report

This report focuses on measuring the positive impact Greenjobs.nl has already had and outlines how we can continue to improve. In the Impact Report, Greenjobs.nl describes the journey and emphasizes what we have accomplished for our people, customers, the community, and the climate in the past year.

By publicly sharing the Greenjobs.nl Impact Report, we hope to inspire others to do the same. It is Greenjobs.nl's belief that this is the only way to become a driver for positive change. Thanks to everyone for the trust and cooperation in the past year. Onward to even more sustainable development and job satisfaction!

Take a look at the full Impact Report Greenjobs.nl 2023 here.

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