29 jun. 2022, 19:08

Impact report Greenjobs.nl 2021!

Impact report Greenjobs.nl 2021!

Impact Report Greenjobs.nl 2021

Greenjobs.nl is proud and happy to present the first Greenjobs.nl Impact Report of the past year! It is Greenjobs.nl's main mission to make all businesses fully future-proof. Greenjobs.nl is the largest sustainable job board in the Netherlands for job seekers and employers with a heart for sustainability and society to meet.

Greenjobs.nl - Jobboard full of impact

With our job board for sustainable jobs and tips on how to find a sustainable job and to start a sustainable career, Greenjobs.nl help all employees in the Netherlands to find a sustainable job. 

Together, we're working for a more sustainable planet. Greenjobs.nl takes responsibility for the impact the actions and the work have on the environment. In addition, Greenjobs.nl strives to create a positive impact on the communities and societies we serve.

Measuring Impact

This report is all about measuring the positive impact Greenjobs.nl has already had, but also how Greenjobs.nl can further work on improving. In the Impact Report Greenobs.nl describes the journey and highlight what Greenjobs.nl has done for our people, customers, community and the wider environment in the past year

By sharing the first Greenjobs.nl Impact Report publicly, we hope to inspire others to do the same. It's Greenjobs.nl belief it's the only way to become a driver for positive change. Thanks to everyone for the trust and cooperation in the past year. On to even more sustainable development and happiness at work! 

Have a look at the full 2021 Greenjobs.nl impact report here.

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