2 apr. 2024, 16:06

Create more visibility with a company page on Greenjobs.nl

Create more visibility with a company page on Greenjobs.nl

Create more visibility with a business page on Greenjobs.nl

In a world where sustainability is becoming increasingly important, Greenjobs.nl understands better than anyone how essential it is for companies to strive not only for profit, but also for a positive impact on the planet and society. That's why Greenjobs.nl is pleased to invite companies to claim their company page!

Why would you as a company want to claim a company page on Greenjobs.nl? The benefits of a company page at a glance:


Job seekers are increasingly looking for employers who are transparent about their values, culture and impact. By having a company page on Greenjobs.nl, job seekers can gain a deeper understanding of what makes your company unique and what it stands for. This can help potential job seekers make an informed career decision and be more likely to encourage them to apply.


A professional company page can increase job seekers' confidence in an organization. By presenting yourself on a platform dedicated to sustainable jobs, companies show that they are serious about their commitment to a better world. This can convince job seekers to choose your organization over competitors that place less emphasis on sustainability.

Increase visibility online

Greenjobs.nl is the place where employers and job seekers come together. By being present on the platform, organizations increase the chances that job seekers will find and approach your organization for vacancies. By doing so, you draw the attention of a wide audience with a specific interest in sustainable career opportunities to your organization.

Good for employer branding

Having a company page on Greenjobs.nl strengthens your organization's position as a sustainable company. This can help not only attract new talent, but also retain existing employees who identify with your organization's values. A strong employer brand is essential in a competitive job market, and Greenjobs.nl can help.

Greenjobs.nl offers all of this free of charge! All your organization has to do is fill out the form, and within 24 hours your company page will be online and ready to be seen. So don't wait any longer and claim your free business page on Greenjobs.nl today! Filling out the form only takes a few minutes of your time!

Fill in the details for your company page here.

Want to see a preview of what a company page can look like? Then check out this page full of company pages soon.

Still have questions? Then don't hesitate to get in touch. The team at Greenjobs.nl is ready to help.

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