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Applying for a job in the summer, a good idea or not?

Applying for a job in the summer, a good idea or not?

The summer months are often seen as a quiet period on the labor market. Many people are going on holiday, companies are running at a lower level and there seems to be less movement. However, it can be beneficial to continue applying for jobs during the summer, especially if you are looking for sustainable vacancies or jobs with a positive impact. Here are some reasons why you should not underestimate these months as a job seeker in the sustainable sector.

1. Less competition for sustainable vacancies

Many job seekers believe that summer is not a favorable time to apply for jobs, causing them to reduce or pause their search efforts. This means that there is less competition for sustainable vacancies. If you keep applying for jobs, you have a better chance of being noticed by recruiters and employers, simply because there are fewer candidates.

2. Organizations recruit all year round, including for sustainable jobs, including in the summer

While the pace may slow in some industries, most companies don't completely stop hiring over the summer. Organizations that focus on sustainability and social impact often have a continuous need for new talent. By continuing to apply, you ensure that you are available for these sustainable vacancies and you can contribute to projects that make a difference.

3. Networking in an informal setting for sustainable jobs

Summer offers many informal networking opportunities such as eco-festivals, green markets and community events. These social events can be great opportunities to make connections without the pressure of a formal networking situation. Informal conversations can lead to valuable connections and possibly even sustainable jobs.

4. More time to prepare your applications for sustainable vacancies

The quieter summer period gives you more time to thoroughly prepare your applications. This is an excellent opportunity to update your CV with a focus on sustainable experience, optimize your LinkedIn profile and write personal cover letters that highlight your passion for sustainability. A well-prepared application stands out more and increases your chance of success.

5. Flexible interviews for sustainable jobs

With many people on vacation, interviews during the summer can be more flexible. Employers in sustainable sectors are aware of the holiday period and are often prepared to adapt to the availability of candidates. This can mean you have more control over scheduling calls, which can be especially useful if you have vacation plans of your own. Zoom, Google Meet and Teams have become fully established since corona, so you can do your job interview online from wherever you want. So please indicate in your application that you can also conduct your conversations via online meeting tools.

6. Seasonal sustainable projects during the summer months

Some sectors, such as sustainable agriculture, environmental protection and ecotourism, actually see an increase in activities during the summer. This can lead to temporary or seasonal jobs that not only provide you with income, but also valuable experience and networking opportunities in the sustainable sector. These temporary positions can often also open the door to permanent sustainable jobs.

7. Stay in the rhythm for sustainable job openings

Maintaining a consistent interview rhythm will help you stay motivated and focused. Avoiding a summer break will help you avoid falling out of your routine and lose momentum. Continuous application also keeps you sharp and well-prepared for future opportunities, especially in fast-changing fields like sustainability. This way you won't miss a great vacancy!

8. Plenty of sustainable opportunities for starters on the labor market and interns!

Are you a student or just graduated? Many recent graduates and interns enter the job market in the summer, especially in emerging fields such as sustainability and social impact. Companies are aware of this and can proactively look for new talent. By joining this wave of new job seekers, you increase your chances of getting noticed by employers looking for fresh ideas and new energy.

Sustainable vacancies can be found in these various sectors, also in the summer months:

  • Sustainable energy: Wind farms, solar panel companies and innovative startups in the energy sector are constantly looking for talent.
  • Environmentally conscious organizations: Nature conservation organizations, circular initiatives and environmental consultancy firms are working hard towards a sustainable future.
  • Social enterprises: Companies that are committed to social goals, such as poverty reduction, inclusion or education, are looking for motivated employees.
  • B Corps: Certified B Corps also continue to recruit during the summer months. Take a quick look at all jobs at B Corps!

And also useful tips for your applications:

  • Optimize your CV and motivation letter: demonstrate your skills, knowledge and experience and emphasize your motivation to work in the sustainable sector. Read the six tips to prepare for a job interview, so you can be sure to increase your chances of getting that great job!
  • Make your motivation letter personal. Could you use some help with a motivation letter? ChatGPT and Gemini can help you and in the blog 8 tips for a convincing motivation letter you will find more tips to create your own motivation letter. This way, the new employer knows and reads that the motivation letter is really from you and is not just an AI-generated motivation.
  • Do your research: Investigate sustainable companies and organizations in your region or area of ​​interest. This way you can apply for jobs in a more targeted manner and show your enthusiasm during job interviews. Take a look around at all sustainable jobs and orientate yourself.

Make this summer your springboard to a job with an impact!

While summer may feel quieter, it actually offers unique benefits for job seekers who stay active, especially in sustainable industries. Less competition, flexible interview options and the chance to better prepare your applications are just some of the reasons why it makes sense to continue applying during the summer. Moreover, there are indeed sustainable vacancies during this period, ranging from permanent positions to seasonal work. Take this opportunity to boost your career and take advantage of the benefits this period offers. Happy job hunting for sustainable jobs!

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