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Northern Wonder - Coffee Free Coffee

Coffee free Coffee - Marketing Sales Lead



Due to a rapidly increasing global demand for coffee, more and more coffee plantations are being created. As the coffee plant can only grow in tropical areas, these new plantations are often created at the expense of biodiversity-rich rainforests. At Northern Wonder we want to stop deforestation caused by expanding coffee plantations. While one should still be able to enjoy a cup of good coffee.

Together with our R&D partners, we will make an indistinguishable coffee imitation, using non-tropical ingredients. Our current best blend is so coffee-like that we start selling it. We plan to launch the product in October 2022.

We are a food tech start-up founded in 2021. For our R&D activities we’ve created a lab at the World Food Center in Ede, the Netherlands. We recently closed a seed funding round.


Up till now, the Northern Wonder team was focused on research on- and development of ‘coffee free coffee’. Our first product is almost ready to be launched commercially. The marketing sales role described in this vacancy will be our first more commerce focused hire. Over time more marketing / sales people will join.

In the job you will work with various external agencies (on PR, campaigns, brand identity, e-commerce). But, the main job will be truly executional: getting our product to people who buy it / like to try it. Your will work in close relation with David, our CEO, and Andreas, head of operations.

As Marketing Sales Lead you will become responsible for the commercial launch of the product. With an initial focus on e-commerce sales. We plan to launch the product with a focus on the Netherlands, but simultaneously commercial activities in some other European countries will commence.

Marketing disciplines you will be working on: social media, PR, paid advertisement (in a later stadium), customer support. Sales will be related to retail, horeca, business & institutions and e-commerce. You will be involved with both big and small players: on the same day you can have a strategic meeting with a big supermarket chain and have contact with PostNL for a lost postal package destined for a webshop client.


You have some years of experience in a commercial B2C-minded setting, preferably in the FMCG. You worked on marketing and / or sales in an international context. You have experience with working with external agencies, but also know how to do execution by yourself.

You like the green nature of Northern Wonder, but you understand that making our product a success requires a commercial approach.

You have a clear idea of how we can launch our product. How we get our first sales in retail, in horeca and in coffee machines in offices. You understand how to be successful with e-commerce.

You have experience with PR, social media and influencer campaigns.

You understand that working for a start-up means you are everyday involved with both strategy as well as execution. So for example on social media and PR, you will be developing a strategy but also write posts, draft press releases.


Fulltime / parttime: lets discuss what suits you, we are flexible;

Salary: depending on background and experience;

Location: At the moment, the Northern Wonder lab at the World Food Center in Ede is our primary location. Other locations might be set up later;

Timing: apply as soon as you are ready to do so via the button below. We will have interviews in August, and you can start in September;

Info: contact David Klingen / +316 4939 3825.

Northern Wonder - Coffee Free Coffee

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