ABOUT GREENJOBS, the largest job board for sustainable jobs

It is Greenjobs’ main mission to make all business fully future-proof. Greenjobs is THE platform in the Netherlands for job seekers and employers with a heart for sustainability and society to meet.

This is what we do:

  • Helping organizations with a sustainable mindset grow. Whether you are working for a large multinational with a sustainable and social vision or just started an innovative, sustainable start-up, Greenjobs helps you to find like-minded professionals. So, if you haven't posted your sustainble job offers on Greenjobs yet, please do it now!
  • Helping job seekers to find a career with real impact rather than a job that just pays the bill. Greenjobs believes that work can become really interesting and meaningful if it contributes to a better world. This way, we hope to help all employed people in the Netherland to work for a sustainable company! Are you looking for a job in sustainability? Please keep a close eye on the vacancy list, create a job alert or make a vacancy your 'favourite'.

With our jobboard, we help all employed in NL to work in a sustainable job.

Proud to be a B CORP

Greenjobs is a Certified B Corp! We are part of a global community of 3.682 companies from 74 countries that use business for a better future. Together we are committed to the transition to an economy where mission and profit are in balance and all stakeholders benefit, not just the investors of a company. Using Business as a Force for Good!

The B Corp Certification makes Greenjobs one of the few Dutch companies that meet the highest level of social and environmental standards! To become a B Corp, we had to complete an extensive assessment that not only measures a particular product or service; it assesses the overall positive impact of a company. SO: we don't just say we make impact, we actually do it.

Beside this, Greenjobs is proud to be part of MVO Nederland.

The face behind Greenjobs

Annemiek Nusmeijer LinkedIn - Email

Annemiek has a master's degree in Political Science, International Relations and has learned a lot about sustainability at the Lausanne Business School.

In addition to her involvement with Greenjobs, she is active with The Sustainable Recruiter. A seasoned recruiter with a passion for sustainability and an international mindset. Her dog Mees can often be found around her and is therefore labeled as security officer of Greenjobs!

In need of a sustainable recruiter?

Could you use some extra help from an experienced recruiter with your sustainable job?

Our team consists of a seasoned recruiter that can deliver tailor made services and help you fill your position soon! Check out the recruiters from The Sustainable Recruiter, we're here to help you. We work no cure - no pay basis with a startfee and on exclusive basis with our clients like Triodos Bank, Patagonia, LENS-Energie and others. 

You can reach us on 020-7651323 or send an email to annemiek@thesustainablerecruiter.com.
We're ready to help out with your sustainable vacancy.


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